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Mike's Vision for Ward 8

Mike has been a fighter for Ward 8 throughout his career. As the Ward 8 Councilmember, he’ll advocate to invest in Ward 8’s future and preserve her legacy. Mike fought for the DC Infrastructure Academy to open on Pomeroy Road, in Ward 8, where residents can access a one-stop shop for PEPCO, DC Water, and other DC infrastructure careers. Mike fought to negotiate one of the largest Community Benefit Agreements in Ward 8 history. Mike knows that we can have an inclusive future by investing in Ward 8 students and businesses, attracting responsible development, and strengthening our workforce so Ward 8 is ready for the demands of tomorrow.


2. Strengthening Our Workforce

It’s getting harder and harder for Ward 8 families to survive in this expensive city. It’s even harder when we are not creating enough new, higher-paying jobs and opportunities. More often than not, Ward 8 residents must leave their community to find a primary or second job, just to still struggle. From his time overseeing the budgets and policy for the Department of Employment Services, to managing a hospital staff and creating FinanciallyFitDC, Mike understands that high-wage jobs are necessary. He also personally knows that many of us are only one paycheck away from a financial crisis. That is why we must create and attract strong employers that train and employ Ward 8 residents for the demands of tomorrow. As Councilmember, Mike will advocate to create more job opportunities, and attract new high-wage training providers, so Ward 8 residents do not have to make tough choices: food or rent; gas to get to work or paying the light bill.


4. Fixing Our Healthcare Crisis

Ward 8 residents have a life expectancy that’s 15 years less than Ward 3 residents, and have less access to healthy food options than every other Ward. That just shows the health care crisis that we’re facing. As Ward 8 Councilmember, Mike will fight for healthier food options and healthcare policies, which includes delivering a new trauma hospital East of the River. Mike is a former hospital Vice President, and is a champion for equitable, quality healthcare for Ward 8 residents. 

1. Attracting Responsible Development

Ward 8 has been stagnant for long enough. Whether we have lived here for a few generations or a few months, we know that Ward 8 is not seeing the growth that we deserve. Mike believes that Ward 8 deserves investment so that all residents feel the progress and economic growth of the city. Mike will champion bold, inclusive investment and amenities, while also preventing rents and property taxes from skyrocketing, preventing displacement for our most vulnerable residents. 

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3. Quality Education

Our education system is supposed to be an engine of opportunity. Instead, this is far from reality for many Ward 8 students due to underfunded schools and high teacher turnover, leaving our students unprepared for the future. To address this inequity, we need a comprehensive education equity assessment to study and develop a plan to fairly fund and educate our Ward 8 children. As Councilmember, Mike will fight for real, equitable investment in our Ward 8 neighborhood schools to ensure we prepare our students for the future, expand early childhood education, pay teachers well for their important work, and provide the wraparound services our students need.

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