Ward 8, it's now or never to solve our most urgent challenges

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Ward 8 has the Most Covid-19 Deaths in DC
Watch to see how Mike is responding to ensure lives are saved in Ward 8. 
Archer Park Meet and Greet
Check out this great video of Mike sharing his reasons for running for Ward 8 DC Councilmember.
Mike Believes Mentors Can Save Lives

"My mentee is facing a murder charge.” That’s how Mike Austin started his social media post. “I wish I would have talked to him sooner, I wish we would have met sooner,” he wrote. “I’m not a teacher, I’m not a parent, I’m just somebody who cares.”

“It's time for responsible leadership in Ward 8."

“Ward 8 needs creative, balanced, and proactive leadership."

Meet Mike 

Mike Austin is a fourth-generation Washingtonian, attorney, community servant, and the ANC 8C Chairman representing Congress Heights. Mike grew up in the Bellevue neighborhood in Ward 8, and he is the oldest of four children. After law school, Mike returned home to serve Ward 8. He became the Legislative Director to former Ward 8 Councilmember, LaRuby May, overseeing all policy and legislation for 80,000 Ward 8 residents. There, he wrote countless pieces of legislation to prevent displacement, improve academic outcomes, increase access to quality healthcare, and push criminal justice reform. Mike focused on bold, forward-thinking policies that improved the lives of Ward 8 residents.


Mike also served as the Legislative Director to the Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity, and was a Vice President at United Medical Center, where he worked to better the health outcomes for his community by improving the services at the primary hospital in Ward 8.

"Ward 8 deserves investment and amenities that residents can enjoy."


Responsible Development

Mike believes that Ward 8 deserves investment, while fighting displacement for our most vulnerable residents. 


Mike believes that Ward 8 residents deserve access to high-quality healthcare right in our neighborhood.



Mike envisions a public education system that prepares our students for the future, one that prioritizes early childhood development, and provides excellent wrap-around resources to our students and their families.

Workforce Development

Mike believes that we can increase our employment with bold, forward-thinking workforce training programs that prepare our residents for the high-wage jobs for tomorrow.

"We need to solve these challenges with a sense of urgency. It’s now or never.”