Mike has spent his career fighting for Ward 8 families, and as the Ward 8 Councilmember, Mike will fight to invest in Ward 8's future while preserving its history. Mike believes it's #NowOrNever for Ward 8 to solve it's most pressing challenges, like investing in Ward 8 schools, attracting responsible development, and strengthening our workforce, so Ward 8 can be ready for the demands of tomorrow. Mike will bring a creative, balanced, and responsive leadership style to the Council.
As the Ward 8 Councilmember, Mike will use his experience in workforce, small business, and health care to bring a qualified and unique perspective to the Council. Mike will use that perspective while working closely with community leaders and partners in Ward 8 to create a  plan for Ward 8 within his first 3 months in office. That’s the urgency that we need on the Council. It's Now Or Never to solve our most urgent challenges. 
As the Ward 8 Councilmember, Mike will focus on:
Responsible Development 


Ward 8 is not seeing the growth that we deserve. Ward 8 continues to be overlooked when so many Ward 8 residents want investment in our community. Mike believes that Ward 8 deserves investment. Mike will be a Councilmember that attracts development with all the amenities and jobs that it brings. Mike will also prevent displacement for our most vulnerable residents. This allows our long-time residents to enjoy the prosperity that so many have wanted for a long time. That elevates development to responsible development.   


Ward 8 residents have a life expectancy that's 15 years less than Ward 3 residents. That is ridiculous and speaks to the health care crisis that  we're facing. As a former hospital VP, Mike understands the struggles that many families face when they don't feel they have adequate health care options. First, Mike will be a fighter for a trauma center East of the River, more clinics, and for healthy food options for Ward 8 residents. Next, Ward 8 residents deserve a new grocery store, so we can access healthy food to prevent many diseases.  And as your Ward 8 Councilmember, Mike will fight for health care improvement across Ward 8. 


Ward 8 schools are struggling.  And right now, Ward 8 students continue to have some of the worst education outcomes in the District of Columbia. Ward 8 students deserve to have excellent school options, because right now, their futures are harmed because they attend a Ward 8 school. That is why its beyond time that we equitably fund our Ward 8 neighborhood schools. Mike will fight for a real, equitable investment in our neighborhood schools, one that prepares our students, pays our teachers, and offers students support when they need it most.  

Workforce Development 

It's harder and harder for Ward 8 families to survive in DC. It's especially hard when there are fewer jobs for our residents. Mike will fight for job growth for Ward 8 residents. As Councilmember, Mike will fight to increase workforce training programs so Ward 8 residents are prepared for the demands of tomorrow. 


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